Job Title:  HR/PR Manager

Summary Job Description: The scope of the Human Resource Manager’s responsibilities shall include all volunteers, employees, corporate personnel policies and benefits, and relevant governing contracts related to the corporation’s personnel operations and the overall corporate compliance within each contract.  Additionally, this person will serve as the corporate Public Relations Manager whose responsibilities include media relations, fundraising campaigns, as well as promoting the organization to specific funding sources and the public in general.  This person is to be the face of RHP, Inc. and shall be on call to assist media and assure community relations.  Any and all responsibilities assigned to the supervisor, as delegated by the supervisor, or in the supervisor’s absence.

 Key Areas of Responsibility:

Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and/or Public Relations.  On the job experience in those areas can be substituted year for year for degree.

Salary: Commensurate with experience and credentials

Apply in person at 1900 Prathersville Rd. Columbia, MO 65202 or   an application online.

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