Job Title:  Volunteer

Summary Job Description:  Volunteers provide a variety of programs, such as marriage and family enrichment, substance abuse education, literacy, spiritual growth, recreation, health education, fitness, vocational training and many others.  Volunteers are required to follow the same policy and procedures as the paid staff at RHP.  See the RHP Operations Manual, “Personnel Policies.”

The volunteer program seeks to:

Volunteers are responsible to their immediate supervisor (site supervisor).  This person is usually a supervisor in the section to which the volunteer has been assigned and is responsible for volunteer orientation and training

Volunteer Expectations:
 To adhere to the same rules, regulation and standards as paid staff
 To be prompt and reliable in reporting for duty.  If you are unable to report in as scheduled, please notify your site supervisor as early as possible.
 To work a determined number of hours according to a mutually agreed upon schedule
 To complete time sheets in order to keep an accurate record of hours served.
 To attend orientation and training sessions as provided
 To treat the public and fellow workers honestly and politely at all times.
 To consult with the site supervisor before assuming any new responsibilities
 To protect confidential information and exercise good judgment, remembering that you are seen as a representative of RHP.

Apply in person at 1900 Prathersville Rd. Columbia, MO 65202 or   an application online.

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