Community/Media Outlets:

• Tribune Newspaper—CRO maintains a working relationship with one or more newsroom reporters.  The Executive Director and Administrative Director have scheduled monthly meetings in the Tribune Board room with the Tribune publisher.
• Missourian Newspaper--CRO maintains a working relationship with one or more newsroom reporters.
• Chamber of Commerce—The Executive Director attends Chamber of Commerce meetings; the Reality House Programs, Inc. Corporation is a Chamber member, and one or more Reality House Board members are also Chamber Officer(s).
• University of Missouri School of Social Work—CRO maintains a working relationship with the dean of the school.  Reality House regularly accepts intern and practicum students from the school.
• Columbia College, Criminal Justice Program—CRO maintains a working relationship with the Department heads and regularly participates in job fairs, student intern placement, and student education enhancement.

Elected Officials:

 • County Commission Meetings—The Executive and Administrative Director have a working relationship with all commissioners and regularly attend monthly commission meetings.  The Executive Director and one or more Board members have made formal semi-annual presentations to the commission since 1990.
• Boone County Work Release and Inmate Trustee Programs—Reality House operates the Work Release and inmate program through a contract with the county commission.
• Lease of Facility—Reality House Programs, Inc. has a lease with the county until 2029 for the use of its facility at 1900 Prathersville Road.

 Law Enforcement & Courts:

• Jail Task Force—The county commissioners have assigned a task force made up of citizens and experts to manage local jail population issues and community concerns.  The Reality House Executive Director has been a visiting member of the task force since 1998.
• Missouri 13th Circuit Court en Banc—The Executive Director communicates with the court regularly through attendance at monthly court en banc meetings.
• Boone County Drug Court Team—The Security Director and Counselor Supervisor are members of the Drug Court team and meet weekly.
• Boone County Mental Health Court Team-- The Executive Director is a member of the Mental Health Court team and meets with the team weekly.


• Community Service Site—Reality house is a certified community service site certified by the Boone County court services.
• PMI Transitional Housing—low and no cost secure, drug free housing is provided to the community’s indigent population.
• Board of Jail Visitors—The Reality House Directors meet with a citizen review team semi-annually to discuss the facility and staff of Reality House Programs, Inc.  The citizens group then makes a written report of the meeting and circulates the report among community leaders.

Community Organizations:

• Boone County Related Agencies Association--The CRO attends this monthly meeting of non-profit area agencies and organizations.
• Missouri Association for Social Welfare/Central Unit Chapter--The CRO attends this monthly meeting of individuals, non-profit area agencies, academic institutions, and area organizations.
• Basic Needs Coalition--The CRO attends this monthly meeting of individuals, non-profit area agencies and local organizations.
• Inter-Faith Counsel--The CRO attends this monthly meeting of individuals, non-profit area agencies, community churches, and area organizations.

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