The community-based programming offered by Reality House Programs, Inc. is specifically designed to provide individuals in the criminal justice system the treatment, education, and resources necessary to productively transition into society.

Reality House Programs, Inc.  provides multi-dimensional housing and treatment facilities for participants involved in the criminal justice system. We serve primarily an adult (17 years old and older) population which has been sent to the facilities through the following admission categories:  reentry, substance abuse or mental health testing, substance abuse or mental health counseling & education, life skills education, pre-sentence evaluation, 24/7 monitoring, 24/7 lockdown, work release, home planning, and safe housing.

The number of admissions in these classifications has seen steady growth over the past decade. However, changes in state and federal budgets and the rapidly increasing number of inmates in the Department of Corrections who require mental health & substance abuse services will have a dramatic impact on the number of participants we serve, their length of stay, the level of security we provide, and the type of treatment offered.

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