Our most important resource is our staff. Unlike some local substance abuse programs, RHP does not have a large amount of money tied up in internet technicians, grant writing personnel, quality improvement staff, and other administrative staff devoted to non-participant care duties.  RHP is focused on the competence, training, education, and expertise of the staff providing care and support services to the participant.  Since 1970, RHP has endeavored to recruit the highest quality professional staff available within the community.  It is anticipated that recruitment of substance abuse counselors and corrections officers over the next several years should not be problematic. The reason for this is the movement toward community corrections and, recently, away from substance abuse treatment in the institutions.

Retaining highly sought after and trained staff is of paramount importance. Having to constantly recruit and retrain staff is not economically feasible. Retaining staff requires a dedication by leadership to listen to employee suggestions, to provide appropriate training, and to determine the level of employees’ satisfaction with their work and work environment.

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