Family Counseling

Family Counseling can be beneficial when the client exhibits’ signs that substance abuse is strongly influenced by family members behaviors or communications with them. Family involvement and support can be critical for substance abusers success especially when family members reinforce or support the problem. Family counseling may not be as effective if family members are themselves active substance abusers, violent, excessively angry or deny the clients substance abuse

There are many models and approaches to family counseling Reality House Programs primarily focuses on (Craft) community reinforcement and family training and concentrates on utilizing family strengths, enlisting family members help to motivate the abuser and provide support for ongoing recovery. This model works on analyzing patterns of behavior surrounding the abuser. Substance abuse triggers, positive consequences that support sober behavior.  Reality House Programs family counselors work on:

The duration of family session dependent on the specifics of each family however they are typically one to two hours, once or twice a week.