Federal Treatment Services

Substance abuse treatment for BOP inmates begins in their prison facility with a nine month, highly structured treatment program, called Residential Drug and Alcohol Program (RDAP).  Upon transfer to a Residential Reentry Center (RRP) they begin their Transitional Drug and Alcohol Program (TDAT).  This phase of treatment address’s the principals and applications of knowledge and skills learned in RDAP.  The programs are highly structured treatment programs focusing on substance abuse, relapse prevention, criminality and life skills. Release and treatment plans are developed prior to program completion.

Transitional skills treatment focuses on issues involved in returning to the community from prison.  A wide variety of topics are covered:
• Identifying realistic and unrealistic expectations
• Building and strengthening healthy relationships
• Time management and prioritizing
• Handling social pressures
• Dealing with resentments and risky thoughts
• Development of skills that help with positive decisions
• Response to authority figures in the community
• Managing anger
• Support building to avoid future incarceration

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