New Employee Recognition

The Reality House also wants to give a welcome to Renee Baker and Ricky Monore.

Renee Baker is now  a part of Reality House Security team as Security officers. With the security officer’s position, they are responsible for the safety and security of the corporation’s participants, staffs, and guests. They have a primary emphasis on the accountability of the corporation’s participants, cleanliness of the corporate facilities, and the seizure of contraband. Reality House appreciates all the hard work they do. Without security, it would be challenging to monitor the participants and the safety of building as well as everything that is within.

Ricky Monroe is a part of Reality House Maintenance team. The scope of Maintenance responsibility shall include the facilities cleanliness, general maintenance and repair(as directed), upkeep of all of the corporation’s buildings, floors, and equipment. This position also  ensure property accountability and makes recommendations for improved property efficiency.He also is responsible for Corporate Property’s Flooring, Windows, Baseboards and Vents, Corporate Property Efficiency Monitoring of building for Maintenance/Cleanliness and Corporate Property Maintenance Accountability

Welcome to our team Renee Baker and Ricky Monroe!