Outpatient Services

Structure is a critical element in any effective outpatient program. In outpatient settings, structure is created by defining for clients the activities that are required parts of their treatment involvement. These activities include attendance at the individual and group sessions of the program, participation in community self-help groups, and the scheduled daily activities that minimize contact with drugs and other high risk situations. The structure provided by treatment helps to define for the client exactly what is expected of him/her in treatment and provides a “roadmap” for recovery. This information can be useful in reducing the anxiety that is commonly experienced by substance dependent individuals upon treatment initiation. Functioning within a structure can decrease stress and provide consistency and predictability which are all incompatible in an addict’s spontaneous, unplanned, chaotic lifestyle.


How to get in:  Must be Judge or Probation & Parole Officer ordered or have an ability to pay for services.
Services:  Substance abuse counseling provided by a state recognized or certified counselor. Counseling individually and in group sessions to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life, and making lifestyle changes.  Develop participant treatment plans based on research, clinical experience, and participant histories.  Review and evaluate participants' progress in relation to measurable goals described in treatment and care plans.  Interview participants, review records, and confer with other professionals to evaluate individuals' mental and physical condition, and to determine their suitability for participation in a specific program.  Intervene as advocate for participants or patients to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.  Provide participants or family members with information about addiction issues and about available services and programs, making appropriate referrals when necessary.  Modify treatment plans to comply with changes in participant status.  Coordinate counseling efforts with health professionals and other community services providers. 
Location: 1900 Prathersville and 1200 Rangeline, Columbia Missouri 65202/65201.
Length of Stay:  Determined by the RHP Counselor, generally 30 days.
Fees:  $40 per hour for individual session and $15 per group session.

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